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Seattle Woman Hit By Metro Bus in Crosswalk Settles Lawsuit For 4.5 Million Two Weeks Before Trial

In January 2008 a Seattle woman was crossing the Seattle in a marked crosswalk when a Metro bus failed to see her.  The Metro's mirror hit the woman in the head during this tragic Seattle crosswalk pedestrian accident.  The woman in addition to suffering a brain injury in the crosswalk accident also suffered a badly broken arm.  As a Kirkland Crosswalk Accident Attorney and Seattle Pedestrian Accident Lawyer I see this kind of accident too often.

Drivers can become distracted by any number of things and fail to see a pedestrian, bicycle or even motorcycle on the roadway.  The woman in this Seattle crosswalk accident was Ree Ah Bloedow, she is 45 years old and has suffered a significant brain injury.  She is no longer able to work in her chosen career.  Prior to the 2008 Seattle pedestrian accident she was a staff attorney with the Department of Health and Social Services (DSHS).

Ms. Bloedow's traumatic brain injury has left her without the mental capabilities she had prior to the accident.  She can no longer do her job as a lawyer.  This strikes close to home for me as a Kirkland personal injury attorney, I would be devastated if my years of school and training were taken away by a negligent driver.  No amount of money can put Ms. Bloedow's life back together.  Hopefully, her pain with be eased by this settlement.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a Seattle or Kirkland crosswalk accident don't delay in getting help with protecting your legal rights.  A great first step is ordering our No Cost book "The Guide To Washington Injury Cases" before talking to any insurance adjusters, signing any forms or hiring an attorney.  

However, if you have suffered serious or catastrophic injuries please protect yourself or your loved one by calling us at 425-822-5700.  It's important in crosswalk accidents that have caused very serious injuries to seek the counsel of an experienced Washington pedestrian accident attorney as soon as possible.  In such cases a complete investigation must be performed and a police report is not not enough.  Witnesses often need to be found and contacted, photos of the scene need to be taken, and other evidence may need to be collect to make sure all evidence is preserved.  On of the easiest ways to make sure you or your loved one's road to recovery does not meet unnecessary delay or hurdles is to contact Scott McDonald And Associates as soon as possible following a serious Seattle pedestrian accident.