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When Walking the Dog turns into a Nightmare! Issaquah Pedestrian Hit in Crosswalk

As every dog owner knows it's important to walk your dog daily if possible.  An Issaquah, Washington woman was doing just that Sunday evening when she was run down in an Issaquah, Washington crosswalk.  The woman suffered very serious injuries that have left her unconscience and/or unable to identify herself. She was not carrying any identification of any kind.  As a result police have not been able to find out her name.

In this Issaquah pedestrian v. car accident the woman at collision impact was thrown into the windshield, suffering what must be a devastating head injury and likely traumatic brain injury.  Her poor dog was killed by the car running it over.  When this woman regains conscienceness not only will she find herself dealing with very serious injuries but she will be emotionally traumatized by the death of her dog.

Shelly and I do not have kids, so our dog Harvey means the world to us.  This would be a nightmare scenario for me if this woman was Shelly.  Here's our pride and joy:



Given nobody has tried to track this woman down yet, she probably was single. When she doesn't show up for work hopefully a co-worker will connect the dots.  What then?  

The car that hit her will be on the hook for paying for all her damages including medical bills, lost wages, medical supplies once home, and emotional trauma from the whole experience.  But that does not mean the car's insurance will pay now as bills are racking up.

Many of my client's who are hit by a car as a pedestrian are shocked to find out their own car insurance (Personal Injury Protection - PIP) is where you look first to pay for medical bills.  After PIP runs out or if you don't have PIP, then your health insurance picks up the tab.  Both are eventually paid back by the car's insurance.  It's issues like this that make it so important to get some good information about the injury claim process as soon as possible following a crosswalk car accident.

You can order your FREE copy of "The Guide To Washington Injury Cases" here and learn about the injury claim process in Washington before speaking with the insurance adjuster, hiring an attorney or signing any forms. 

Be safe out there!

Max Meyers

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