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Man Running to Work Hit By Semi-Truck in West Seattle

With the closure of the Alaska Way viaduct in Seattle this week people are walking and even running to work. Tragedy fell on a runner, Tim Nelson, yesterday morning in West Seattle as he was running to work to avoid the viaduct closure traffic jams. A semi-truck appears to have hit the Mr. Nelson from behind without warning in a horrible Seattle semi-truck v. pedestrian accident.

Mr. Nelson suffered a broken back, fractured skull, collapsed lung, broken arm, and broken shoulder. He is lucky to be alive! It's unknown at this time why the semi-truck failed to see Mr. Nelson running as a pedestrian on the Lower Spokane Street Bridge.

Semi-trucks have special rules and regulations they must follow because of the extra danger they pose on roadways. Driver fatigue, improper maintenance, distraction, speeding, and many other things can contribute to a semi-truck driver causing a serious semi-truck accident. Because of these special rules and regulations it's important for people hit by a semi-truck to get an experienced attorney right away.

A thorough investigation needs to be completed on the accident and the semi-truck involved as soon after the accident as possible. Injury victims unfortunately don't necessarily have the luxury of waiting to find legal help without possibly damaging their case significantly. The insurance company for the semi-truck already has its attorneys doing an investigation for them. Scott McDonald and Associates is experienced at helping injury victims involved in semi-truck accidents in Washington. 

Mr. Nelosn's friends are planning a fundraiser to help Mr. Nelson with his medical costs. It will take place November 11 at The Capitol Club in Seattle. They even created a Facebook page to promote the event.



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