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Bellevue Man Seriously Injured Filling Gas Tank on I-5

A couple weeks ago I received a call from my wife Shelly just after she left for work in the morning.  It was unusual for her to call at that time.  She told me that she had run out of gas on I-90 just after the merge from I-405, and she needed me to bring some gas.  

When I arrived with gas, Shelly's car was parked on the shoulder of the freeway with just enough room for me to stand and put some gas in the tank without actually being in a lane of the freeway.  However, I was very close to a lane of traffic that was coming off of I-405 and merging onto I-90.  Cars were flying by me at over 60 mph.  I was lucky a car didn't hit me.  

Sunday a Bellevue man, Patrick Franklin, was not so lucky.  He was putting some gas in his car on the shoulder of I-5 after running out of gas.  A car was traveling down I-5 with a driver who was distracted by his cellphone and perhaps driving drunk.  The driver crossed onto the shoulder and hit Patrick as he was standing next to his car fully off the road on the shoulder.  Witnesses saw the at fault driver talking on his cellphone just before this Seattle Washington pedestrian v. car accident.  For witnesses to see he was on his cell he must not have been using a hands free device as is required in Washington state.

The negligent driver has been charged with vehicular assault and an investigation of drunk driving is still underway. The State Patrol officer on scene stated the driver showed signs of impairment at the scene of the accident.

My heart goes out to Mr. Franklin.  I know how scary it was to be standing on the side of a busy freeway, however, being hit by a car doing 60 mph is horrible.  My prayers are with him.

Unfortunately, this is another example of a distracted Washington driver hitting a pedestrian.  Pedestrian v. car accidents often result in very serious injuries, broken bones, spine injuries, head trauma, and closed head brain injuries are common.  When you are serious injured in a Washington pedestrian accident it's important to get some eduction on your rights before signing and forms or speaking with the insurance adjuster.  Order your FREE copy of "The Guide To Washington Injury Cases" on this website or by calling 425-822-5700 and get some great information about the injury claim process first.

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