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Fatal Pedestrian Accidents in Washington on the rise in 2010.

A trend toward higher pedestrian death in car accidents was seen in Washington and across the nation in the first six months of 2010.  As a Seattle pedestrian accident lawyer I hate to see that in Washington state there were four more fatal pedestrian accidents in 2010 than in 2009.  The surprising part was that pedestrian fatalities were increasing while car accident fatalities were decreasing.

The increases nationally reverses a 4-year trend of declines in pedestrian related deaths on roadways.  it unknown why the increase happened. Some factors could include more people walking and texting at the same time, walking while intoxicated, more pedestrians listening to music while walking, or more exposure as people live more activities lifestyles. 

As a Seattle pedestrian accident and Bellevue pedestrian accident lawyer I have seen how speed is usually the major contributor to fatal pedestrian accidents in Washington.  Whenever you are walking near a high speed limit roadway extra caution needs to be exercised.  Focus on what your doing and where you're going.  Drivers traveling at higher speeds have less time to see you and react to you, so help them and yourself out by focusing on walking in a safe and predictable manner.