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Two Killed in Fatal Car Accident Near Graham, Washington

Two people lost their lives in a fatal Graham Washington car accident on a dark mountain highway when a car attempt to make a left turn in front of their truck.  The two people were drivng in a pick-up truck, swerved to avoid the left turning car and struck a light pole head-on, instantly killing the man and woman in the truck.

The light pole was encased in 8 feet of of concrete at its base and it was knocked off of it.  The Graham truck accident impact was so severe it shoved the engine into the passenger compartment of the truck.  According to Washington State Patrol, such an impact has very extreme forces involved to cause such damage to the truck and light pole.

Right of Way:

  • The car was apparently making a legal left turn, but it is not know who had the right of way.  Generally, the truck as the oncoming vehicle would have the right of way, unless it was at an intersection with a red light or stop sign. Here, there are no indications an intersection was involved.
  • Assuming the truck had the right of way, then the car will be responsisble for causing this fatal Washington truck accident.

Wrongful Death Claims:

When another vehicle is the cause of a fatal Washington car accident a wrongful death claim arises. The families of the two people killed in this Graham truck accident may have legal claims to make against the at-fault drivier's insurance company and even the truck's insurance company. Whenver you are dealing with a death of a loved one in a car accident its always best to contact a Washington wrongful death attorney as soon as possible. The issue in these kinds of case are complex and best handled by an attorney.

The attorneys at Scott McDonald And Associates can help you navigate the complex legal area of Washington wrongful death claims. Call 425-822-5700 to set-up a No Cost consultation to discuss your loved one's car, truck, or motorcycle accident.