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Fatal Tri-Cities WA Motorcycle Accident Kills Husband and Injures Wife

A couple days ago a husband and wife were out for a ride on their motorcycles in West Richland, Washington when a car came around a corner in their lane.  The car had crossed over the center line where it crashed into Joel Vance's bike and Lorri Vance's bike, throwing both of them into the ditch, as a result of this horrible head-on Richland WA motorcycle accident.

Mr. Vance suffered severe injuries and died as a result of the motorcycle accident.  Mrs. Vance was also injured but her injuries were not like threatening.  She was taken to Kadlec Regional Medical Center in Richland where she is in stable condition.  Our prayers go out to Mrs. Vance and the Vance family. 

Speed is believed to be the cause of the car crossing into the motorcycles lane of travel.  When a car causes a fatal motorcycle accident like this a Washington wrongful death claim arises.  Mrs. Vance was not only injured physically but she has lost her husband, which anyone knows is emotionally devastating.  In situations like this, life as you know it is changed forever in an instant.  Eventually Mrs. Vance or other family members will get to the question of "Now what do we do?"

Picking up the pieces of a shattered life is never easy and should not be done alone.  When the negligence of another driver is the cause of the fatal motorcycle accident, the at fault driver is responsible for a lot of burden the family experiences.  The loss of a husband or spouse often means the family's financial health has been severely impacted.  Making sure the at fault driver's insurance and any other means of payment are available and readily obtained is a task many grieving family members do not want to take on nor should they take on.  

Wrongful death claims are complicated and experienced legal help is always a good idea.  Having an experienced Washington wrongful death attorney on your side and fighting for your families legal rights is imperative in cases like the Vance's.  The attorney can take the burden of making sure everything involved in the motorcycle accident and insurance claims are handled correctly and no mistakes are made, while the widow and family can concentrate on healing from such an emotional loss.

If you or a loved one are facing this type of situation look into hiring experienced legal counsel as soon as possible.  It will make the process much easier and protect your family as much as possible at the same time.


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tampa personal injury lawyers 11/23/2011 11:55 PM
If you have been injured due to someone's negligence ,it would best to mind all your actions because some insurance companies will do anything to save the money from compensating your injury. Best to always sought the best ones in town.
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