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Do some people hate bicycle riders enough to put thumb tacks on a road that will see 10,000 riders on it during the annual Cascade Bicycle Club's Seattle to Portland bike ride?

The 2011 Seattle To Portland Bicycle Classic unfortunately experienced a type of hate crime against the riders. Thumb tacks were thrown over a 4 mile stretch of US 30 near the Portland, which is on the last section of the bike course. At least one rider crashed, was knocked out, and sent to the hospital while many other riders suffered flat tires.

Cascade Bicycle Club hosted its annual Seattle To Portland Bicycle Classic ride over the weekend of July 9-10. The event sees 10,000 bicyclist ride over 200 miles from Seattle to Portland in one or two days.

Here are some 2011 STP ride facts:
  • 42 states represented
  • Eldest rider: 85.
  • 2,624 female riders; 7,376 male riders 
  • 47 riders will have ridden 20+ times
  • 228 riders will have ridden 10+ times.
  • Jerry Baker (70) of Seattle has ridden each of the 32 rides.
  • 7,953 Washington riders (2,276 from Seattle)
  • 1,194 Oregon riders (561 from Portland

It's a sad fact for many Washington and Oregon bicycle riders that bias and out right hostility is a common factor when riding on northwest roads. The best advice for northwest bicyclists is to ride defensively, follow all traffic laws and be as courteous as possible to other vehicles and bike riders.

Set a good example and hopefully the bias and hostility will one day fade away.

Ride Safe!!