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What happens when you're injured in a Washington motorcycle accident as a passenger and it's the bike driver's fault?

Passengers often suffer devasting injuries in Washington motorcyle accidents when on a friend or family member's motorcyce. Single vehilce motorcycel can be just as devasting as car v. motorcycle accidents.

A Silverdale, WA U.S. Navy sailor lost his life and injured a 12 year old girl passenger over the weekend in a single motorcycle accident.  The bike rider was on the 4th Avenue ramp to the I-90 freeway when he crashed changing lanes. The motorcycle hit a concrete barrier as a result of this Seattle area motorcycle accident. Our prayers and condolences go out to this sailor's family.

In tragic cases like this the medical bills for the injured passenger can be very high.  The young girl was taken to Harborview Medical Center. An emergency room visit following a serious Seattle motorcycle wreck can easily cost over $10,000. If you were a passenger in this situation how would you pay that bill?

Hopefully, the owner of the motorcycle purchsed insureance on the bike. If so, the passenger would make an injury claim against the motorcycle insurance. Passengers injured in motorcyle accidents have special rules that apply to how they get medical bills and other compensation for injuries in a single motorcycle accident. Because of these special rules it's a imperative that you talk to an experience Washington motorcycle accident lawyer as soon after the motorcycle accident as possible.

Another great first step is to order your No Cost copy of our book the 7 Biggest Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Washington Motorycle Accident Case. The book has all kinds of information that you will find useful as you try to process everything surrounding a motorcycle accident and injuries suffered in the accident. You can also call 525.822.5700 if you want to speak with an attorney right now about your motorcycle accident case.