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City of Seattle working on replacing the most dangerous storm water drains that cause the most bicycle accidents.

Over 1,000 strom drains have been designated as hazardous to bicycle riders on Seattle bike paths. Seattle Public Utilities has been working on replacing these dangerous storm drains that cause many Seattle bike accidents that result in rider injuries. 

Seattle has already been working on replacing these bike hazards.

  • Older drains with the large gags are the most dangerous and can grap a front bike wheel and throw the rider over the handle bars.
  • About two thirds of the drains have been replaced already in Seattle.
  • The most hazardous drains had broken or missing pieces that forced riders to suddenly turn into traffic to avoid a bike crash.

Any effort to reduce injury causing Seattle bicycle accidents is a great idea.

Washington State Bicycle Law
Bicycle riders on a roadway are given all of the rights and are required to follow all of the duties applicable to the driver of a vehicle on a roadway.  A bicycle riding on a sidewalk or crosswalk is given all of the rights and is required to follow all of the duties applicable to a pedestrian.  Bicycles on sidewalks are required to yield to pedestrians.

Kirkland and Seattle Bicycle Accident Attorneys
We are dedicated to representing those who have suffered a loss or disability through in a bicycle accident, crosswalk accident, or pedestrian collision. These kinds of cases can be challenging, if not difficult, to pursue. If you or a family member has suffered personal injury as the result of a pedestrian, crosswalk, or bicycle accident, Kirkland injury attorneys Max Meyers and Scott McDonald and Scott McDonald And Associates can help you.