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Steps To Take If An Infant Is Choking.

I just read a great article by a friend of mine Art Zimmet of Zimmet & Quarles.  Mr. Zimmet specializes in Child injury law in Florida and often writes articles to help parents keep their kids safe.

Mr. Zimmet's most recent article discusses what to do if your infant is choking. The steps to take for children under 12 months are outlined.  Often if the child is able to cough strongly then he or she is breathing suffieciently and will likely be able to clear the item on their own by coughing.  However, if the child has a weak cough and is losing color than the airway is likely blocked and assistance is needed.

I have known Mr. Zimmet for several years and I have always been impressed by the level of caring Mr. Zimmet has for Florida child injury victims and his clients. He has gone so far as to publish a free helpful book for Florida Child Injury victims which can be ordered online.

If you are a parent of a child who has been injured in a accident caused by another person or simply a concerned parent, I highly recommend ordering his free book. If your child was unfortunate enough to be injured or killed in a Florida child accident, you can contact Mr. Zimmet at his Florida personal injury law firm at (800) 934-1020.