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Jackets with an Air Bag liner can protect riders in Washington Motorcycle Accidents.

Call it crazy and high tech but air bags for a motorcycle rider have been designed and produced.  A jacket and vest has been developed to give bikers an air bag system in Washington motorcycle crashes. Too many of our clients are injured in motorcycle accidents from impacting the roadway after a Seattle or Bellevue motorcycle accident. This jacket could help Washington motorcycle riders tremendously!

Check out these videos about the motorcycle air bag system. 

The jackets and vests cost about $500-600 but is money well spent.  Broken arms, legs or ribs are common in Washington bike wrecks and these air bag jackets could prevent some of these rib injuries.  The neck air bag may also help significantly reduce the soft tissue muscle damage caused when the head whips around in a crash.  This would be a great birthday or Christmas present for a loved one.

Safe riding!!