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I was seriously hurt in a recent Kirkland motorcycle accident. Should I contact a Kirkland motorcycle accident attorney now? If I do decided to contact an attorney how long do I have before deciding whether or not to file a lawsuit?

After a serious Kirkland motorcycle accident, it is crucial to contact a Kirkland motorcycle accident attorney immediately. As you heal and recover from your accident, your attorney will be able to investigate your accident and collect any and all evidence needed to assist in your case. Hiring an attorney now will help you make sure all the evidence is preserved while and the insurance companies are handled, so you will be able to focus your time and energy on recovery.  

In the State of Washington, you have a three year time limit to file a personal injury claim for injuries caused by use or operation of a motor vehicle, including motorcycles.  In many cases its best to wait to decide on whether to file a lawsuit until after you have healed from your injuries and know the full extent of the injuries you suffered.  Because Washington accidents often involve very serious injuries it's not uncommon for a rider to be left with some degree of permanent injury.  Such permanent injuries can range from a road rash scar, to herniation disc in the spine, to the loss of a arm or leg.  

When such serious and permanent injuries are involved it's important you speak with an experienced Washington motorcycle accident lawyer before deciding what to do in resolving your case.  Permanent injuries have a higher value than injuries you are able to fully recover from, but the insurance company will never tell you that.  We always recommend hiring an attorney as soon as possible when very serious injuries are suffered in a motorcycle accident.